Chris Ringland


Born in Auckland, New Zealand, Chris had a passion for wine from a very young age, cultivating neighbour’s vines to make his first wines. After a few years working as a cellar hand locally, Chris travelled to South Australia where he studied oenology at the famed Roseworthy campus. On completion of his studies, Chris returned to New Zealand where he finished his citation on wine phenolics and protein fining agents.


After periods of working in California and Europe, Chris found his way back to South Australia and in the late eighties took a position with Robert O’Callaghan at Rockford wines in the Barossa. It was here Chris developed his unique style and produced his now world famous Shiraz, under his own name. (Formerly Three Rivers Shiraz). After 15 years at Rockford, Chris travelled back to Europe and developed a number of projects with local producers in Spain.


More recently, Chris has developed Nebbiolo and Carigan projects ʻSolitaʼ and since 2006 has developed a Northern Barossa Shiraz project with renowned Ebenezer vigneron Adrian Hoffmann

The Wizard of Oz and his yellow brick road to Jumilla

There’s no shortage of interesting personalities in the wine industry – some you see often in the media and others quietly go about their business. Both kinds are fuelled by their passion for the industry and sometimes I miss out on some of the best wines...

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Chinese Wine Bloggers

Following my recent trip through Hong Kong I was shown two articles from mainland bloggers. 澳洲八大顶级名酒...

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The First 11 vintages of Clio & El Nido

Tasting conducted at Bodegas El Nido, July 3, 2014 Clio 2002-2012 Clio 2002  **(*) Appearance: Opaque black, garnet rim. Aroma: Whiffs of toast, smoke, bitumen and spicy chorizo, give way to floral ( violet ) notes. Palate: Moderate acidity and mature tannins continue...

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20 Year retrospective Tasting

Below are the notes taken by good friend Fredrick Lorentzson at my 20 retrospective tasting held in New York, held over two days. 24th and 25th of October, 2015. Chris Ringland Shiraz 2008 Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith? For we have seen Chris´s 2008 and tis...

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