An email from SK

Hey Chris,

Good speaking with you again earlier today man, thanks for taking the call – I hope it didn’t disturb your weekend dude. It must be funny to have your work be what other people consider their play! I try to be conscious that you and Nathan try to keep your weekends free for personal time.. given the long decanting timelines for your wines I reckon it won’t be a problem to call you during the week even if I want to drink one on a Sunday afternoon!


This afternoon I had taken care of all of my commitments, responsibilities and since Cortney is in brisbane I had the afternoon totally to myself. Not often enough that I get some alone time! So I decided to go for a surf. It was a very relaxing afternoon in the sunshine and I spent a good amount of time on my back on the surfboard just floating around looking at the sky. I also decided to sit on the “infinity daybed” I made on my balcony and crack an awesome bottle of red wine.. which lead me to call you.

I opened a Randall’s Hill 2010 as per your instruction..

Here is are some pictures and some notes from my experience:

4:30 PM – just opened the bottle

Bouquet:  Cranberry and leather with a slight of tart plum and apple
Palate:  Fresh fruit very smooth and long palate slight Tobacco aftertaste

Went surfing for a few hours, to let the wine open up.. which it did beautifully. I hope the salt water does not ruin my palate 😉

6:30 PM

Bouquet:  From the decanter I get nothing but fresh cut deep ripe rich blueberry jam cake like I remember from my childhood in Canada.
From the glass I get right banana, red fresh cut apple and ripe plum
Palate:  Early mouthwatering smack a fresh fruit followed by an explosion of ripe fruit and spice including black pepper, cloves and even a hint of cardamom? followed by a licorice and tobacco aftertaste

7 PM

Palate:  I left some wine in the bottle, un– decanted, so I could compare… Tart fresh red cherry
From the decanter I picked up notes of Cedar on the palate, reminding me of the Cedar boards that I get in Seattle to barbecue salmon on.. I saw the tannins starting to come through kind of like chewing on a bit of apple skin. I got some hints of white pepper forward by leather, cigar box and licorice… and cinnamon!

8 PM

Most of the way through the Bottle so it’s time for me to sign off from my attempt at tasting notes, focus on the rest of the bottle and the sunset.

THANK you for giving me an awesome experience here on my balcony, in my home in bondi, while I am getting some alone time… something you created and bottled in 2010 has done just that and it is quite a gift.

Stay well, have a good Xmas and new year on your cruiser and I’m sure we’ll talk in the new year.

Ps the dimchurch I have is 2012, how long do you recommend i decant that for?