Geisler Block (2.78Ha)

Purchased from the Geilser family in the early 1900’s and used as a mixed farm block until it was planted in 1999, with Shiraz cuttings being sourced from Dallwitz old and Dallwitz Top block’s.

Uniquely, the row orientation is planted on the summer ecliptic plane, with the Sun rising on the Eastern strainer posts, passing over the vines and setting on the Western strainer posts, providing plenty of shade during the day.

Planted to 3.3m wide rows at 2.4m vine spacing, the block gently slopes from the Northeast to the Southwest. The vines have two permanent arms on a single wire and are pruned to a two bud spur with 50-60 buds per vine.

Generally, these Shiraz produce a medium sized, loose clustered bunch with a small to medium berry size.

386 Roehr Rd, Ebenezer SA 5355, Australia

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