2012 Chris Ringland Hoffmann Vineyard Shiraz


Flagship of the Hoffmann Vineyard Collaboration, Hoffmann Vineyard Shiraz encompasses the try expression of the vintage. Typically aged for over five years in new French oak, with deep brooding fruit and powerful palate weight Hoffmann Vineyard Shiraz is blended from a rigorous barrel selection to age gracefully for decades.





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2012 Chris Ringland Hoffmann Vineyard Shiraz


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My collaboration with Adrian that is Hoffmann Vineyard seeks to re-define the relationship between grape grower and winemaker. Traditionally, in a scenario where grower and winemaker are not one in the same, the winemaker communicates with the grower to determine the harvest parameters required for the style of wine. But I am fortunate to be able to combine my winemaking skills with generations of Hoffmann family grape growing knowledge, in determining the sectors of the vineyards to be employed to create a unique insight into the regional and seasonal expression of any given year.

Adrian and I strive to make a powerful and rich expression of Shiraz while retaining the soft, luxurious tannin structure achieved by extended barrel maturation. As always, the 2012 Hoffmann Vineyard Shiraz is the result of a rigorous barrel section process, filling only 1750 numbered bottles, 100 magnums and 12 double magnums.


Vintage Conditons

Despite the extraordinarily wet and cool 2011 vintage, the winter of 2011 and 2012 growing season saw a dramatic return to dry conditions. Soil moisture reserves were at their highest levels in 7 years and this head the vines in good stead, as the relatively dry and mild Summer unfolded. Old Shiraz vines produced a slightly higher than normal yield, although cropping levels and canopy balance were perfect for the conditions resulting in a very favourable outcome.
Vintage started slowly with fruit being picked at optimum ripeness. The pace quickened as dry conditions persisted and as usual, later maturing fruit showed great colour, flavour depth and intensity.


Barrel selections of Hoffmann Vineyard Shiraz comprise 100% new French oak. The wines were matured in barrel for 50 Months before blending, and bottling on August 3rd, 2017.
2,100 bottles, 100 magnums and 12 double-magnums were filled.


This wine is still very young. If you are tempted to open a bottle now, I consider 12 to 24 hours in a decanter prior to enjoying mandatory.
The 2012 Chris Ringland Hoffmann Vineyard Shiraz will mature effortlessly for decades to come and reward those patient enough to wait until 2030 to open.

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