2007 Chris Ringland Barossa Ranges Shiraz – Magnum

The mist, the solitude, the forbidden allure: I almost felt like a spy. I was there to taste some of Australia’s most astonishing red wines, yet I hardly dared tell anyone I was going. When I owned up later, and shyly admitted how much I’d liked them, I was met with near-incredulity. At least once, I was asked to confirm what I’d just said. These are the great wines you aren’t, in right-thinking circles, meant to like: too rich, too much alcohol, too many “Parker points”.  They swim like bandit trout against Australia’s current tide of early-picking righteousness and buttoned-down restraint.  But, sorry folks, great they are.Andrew Jefford. Decanter Magazine on-line November 26th 2012


Also available in 750ml bottles



Technical Details


The Winter and Spring of 2006 was unusually dry in the Barossa ranges. This was the peak of the seven year drought, which did not subside until the 2010 growing season. Yields at Stone Chimney Creek were low. The Summer was hot, but not extreme. Rainfall events during March kept the old vines refreshed. I was able to hang the grapes until late April.

They achieved superb ripeness and balance.

The wine was bottled on Wednesday, March 30th, 2011 with no filtration. Total

Also known as Stone Chimney Creek (SCC)