2008 Chris Ringland Barossa Ranges Shiraz

The 2008 Chris Ringland Barossa Ranges has been given a one off design that will be shown to the world in March, 2019.

Shipping to USA in Fall 2018

Technical Details


Shiraz is a relative newcomer to the world repetior of grape varieties. The genetic evidence points towards a random cross-pollination that occurred in the Ardèche (Rhône Valley) France, less than 2,000 years ago. Serendipity seems to be a recurring theme with this grape. Today we enjoy the rewards that flow from the establishment of Shiraz plantings by the colonists of Australia.

As a winemaker, I have been very lucky to forge my career with Barossa Shiraz.

There are numerous wine styles and expressions that Shiraz can create. My influences have been old-school traditional. My objective is to create grand wines for long-term maturation, very much in the Spanish ‘Gran Reserva’ style. Sometimes it can take a decade or more for the true qualities of a Barossa Shiraz vintage to emerge.

This is a strong wine. I have decided to release it at 10 years old because I believe it is still very young. A further 20 years in the cellar will reveal exceptional complexity.


  • Harvest: 27th March, 2008
  • Pressed: 5th April, 2008
  • Racked post Malo: 24th February 2009
  • Bottled: 14th March, 2012
  • Released: 1st August, 2018

2008 started out as a relatively mild growing season. A highly unusual 3 week long heatwave, in March, changed things completely.

Because of its high altitude (530m) and vine age (100 years), the Stone Chimney Creek vineyard was able to ride through the conditions beautifully.

Courtesy of Dirk Notheis

2008 – 100 P
Full body with deep and dark purple colour. Bacchanal sweet nose with dried banana chips, fruit in rum, fruitcake, pickled plums, compote of blueberries, violets, cardamom, passion fruit and chocolate muffin. Iridescent sweetness hitting the palate with a thick and dense but silky texture. Dried fruit and banana chips do the kick-off followed by sweet cherry fruit, light toffee, macadamia nuts, vanilla cream, blueberry muffin, glacé cherry and liquid milk chocolate in a sheer endless finish of multiple minutes. Already a delicacy of unique character with lots of future potential but no reason to wait. It’s just too tempting!

1550 Bottles
120 Magnums
18 Double Magnums
3 Imperials
Individually numbered bottles
54mm hand select cork finish
Shipped as a single bottle

The 2008 Chris Ringland Barossa Ranges has been given a one off design.