I have been fortunate to make my own wine in Australia since 1989 although my journey started many years prior in New Zealand. I made Three Rivers Shiraz at Rockford with the encouragement of Robert O’Callaghan but never more than a few barrels. From 89-94 there were never more than 720 bottles filled of Three Rivers and it wasn’t until I purchased my own vineyard in 1994 when I was able to increase the number of bottles filled. From then on the vineyard dictated how many bottles I would produce under my own label, Three Rivers to start, then simply Chris Ringland Shiraz from the 1998 release.

The wine was bottled on Wednesday, March 30th, 2011 with no filtration.

  • Harvest: Thursday 23rd April.
  • Pressed: May 1st.
  • Second racking: October 10th, 2010.
  • Bottled: Friday February 22nd, 2013.



The palate is characteristically long and very complex, as you would expect from such ripe grapes, matured in wood for 4 years and in bottle, upon release, for 3 years.
This vintage is still very young. Don’t even think about drinking this for another 10 years. If you simply have to, then at least 2 days in decanter will be mandatory.
Matured in new french oak for 46 months. 1780 bottles, 140 magnums, 18 double magnums and three imperials were filled. The alcohol level measured at bottling was 16.0%.