2014 North Barossa Vintners Shiraz

North Barossa Vintners is a collaboration between Adrian Hoffmann, Chris Ringland and Nathan Burley. Our Shiraz grapes are sourced from the Hoffmann family vineyards, situated at Ebenezer, in the Northern Barossa Valley. Adrian, who is the fifth-generation Hoffmann family vigneron, selects individual Shiraz blocks from both his own vineyards and those of neighbouring grape growing families. This Barossa valley sub-region has long been recognised as producing, what could be described as the archetypal style of Barossa Shiraz; Rich, powerful, sweet-fruited and supple-textured with flavours of blackberry, chocolate and Christmas cake.

Technical Details


Our work together seeks to re-define the relationship between grape grower and winemaker. Traditionally, in a scenario where grower and winemaker are not one in the same, the winemaker communicates with the grower to determine the harvest parameters required for the style of wine. But we are fortunate to be able to combine our winemaking skills with generations of Hoffmann family grape growing knowledge, in determining the sectors of the vineyards to be employed to create a unique insight into the regional and seasonal expression of any given year.