CR Shiraz

With the CR Barossa Shiraz, I am looking for that classic North-Western Barossa Shiraz blackberry profile, together with sweet, dark plum and jammy notes. As always, the palate is all about sweet red berries, milk chocolate and subtle vanilla.






Technical Details


My Barossa Shiraz style is foremost an expression of sweet dark berry fruit, set amongst a framework of mocha, spice and subtle vanilla, derived from maturation in oak for 12-18 months.
There is something exceptional about the 2013 vintage. These are Barossa Shiraz’ for the long-haul. Chris RIngland CR Barossa is approachable now, but is evolving and maturing more slowly than previous vintages. At this stage, decanting is mandatory.

2013 is an exceptional vintage for North Western Barossa Shiraz. The vintage was relatively early, so Shiraz fruit flavours had developed while the natural acidity had been retained. The tannins were unusually strong, so great care was taken during fermentation on skins to curtail over extraction.
The combination of these factors have created a wine, which will mature for up to ten years after bottling.