Hoffmann Vineyards

Each year, Adrian Hoffmann makes a selection of his blocks to deliver into Chris 5 x 2 ton parcels over the 6-12 week spread of vintage. These small parcels are batch fermented in small open top fermenters and after pressing, allowed to complete their fermentation in a combination of new french oak hogsheads (300L) and barriques (225L). From the moment of filling, every barrel is allowed to mature individually for up to 6 years, with the collection rigorously tasted periodically by Chris to make the final blends of the two wines. Historically, the Hoffmann Vineyard is selected from the dark brooding barrels with massive palate weight while the Dimchurch is made up of more fruit forward components. The wine does not undergo any filtration or fining prior to bottling and is further bottle aged from 1 to 3 years prior to release.